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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Start spreading the news...

For those of you who have just walked in on my conversation,
One of them is to visit New York.
(I figure we have a lot in common - neither of us sleep)
My strategy for getting the wheels in motion towards this goal, and my others - is to find people who have what I want and to learn from them.

In this case, I searched the blogosphere for a sister that lived in NYC to find out from a local if the city was really somewhere oozing with culture, creative inspiration, high fashion and atmosphere, or if this is simply a fantasy exaggerated by my love of Sex and the City.
It didn't take me long to stumble upon a fellow (sister) blogger who has an inspiring life philosophy and blog - I approached her and asked if she would help answer some of my questions about the City.... she obliged.
In her blog, Christa in New York she is currently writing a one year series on Hope.
Every day she writes something on what makes her more hopeful in the world. Definitely worth a peep!
She caught my attention as some-one I'd like to hear from by her description on her blog
"My writings focus on curating a creative and original life, drawing inspiration from a variety of topics including the arts, book, travel, new technology and New York City, a wondrous and turbulent place I am privileged to call home"

Although worlds apart - her desire to create a creative and original life struck a chord with me - and I thought her views on New York would also.
So Christa from a little town in Australia to the Big Apple thanks for your time.

Now for the interview.......

How much is life in NY like how Carrie Bradshaw depicts it? (sorry had to ask)

My life isn't anything like Carrie's! Well, I shouldn't say that. I love SATC. It's a fantastic love letter to New York - a place I am so happy to live in. And I am a writer. As far as Carrie's spending habits and her personal life, mine is nothing like that. I spend more time going to nerdy events like lectures at museums and volunteering is a big part of my life. I do love spending time with my friends, as she did in the show, though I care far less about my appearance and have no desire at all to ever have my personal life show up on Page 6!

What is something only a local would know about NY that you could tell someone who wanted to visit to do, off the tourist trail?

Wow - should I really share my off-the-beaten trail secrets?
I can tell you that one of the greatest past times in New York is people-watching.
New Yorkers have actually perfected it into a fine art.
Some odd-ball things I love that are somewhat tucked away: drinks on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, hole-in-the-wall restaurants like Westville, Shalel, and Molly's, and cupcakes from Crumbs.
Spend some time in the Hall of Biodiversity in the American Museum of Natural History and walk through St. John the Divine during choir practice.

How do you keep your life simple and creative in a busy city?

This is a tough one. This is my third run at living in New York City and I think I'm finally getting it right!
I've recently made a personal commitment, and my friend and writing partner, Laura, is helping me stay on the right path: going forward I'm only spending time with people and doing things that I truly, truly love.
There's so much to do in New York, so much to see, so much to experience, that it's very easy, and probable, to run yourself ragged.
That's exactly what happened to me the last two times I lived here.
I I just do what I love, then I get energy form those activities rather than feeling like my energy is getting sapped.
There are a few tricks I'm employing that seem to work: I practice yoga regularly, I live near two parks (Riverside Park and Central Park), and I take some time to be by myself every day. These three things in combination keep me centered and happy.

What is the mood in NY following the events of 9/11?

New York has every mood you can imagine. I do my best to love every moment, to cultivate a sense of peace and happiness and understanding. And I remind myself that all things happen for a reason. This attitude helps me appreciate the good times and gets me through the bad ones, too.

If you had to sum up life in NY in a word what would it be?

Tumultuous. So much happens. Every day it makes me fall more in love with and it also breaks my heart. It's a very emotional place, and it makes me feel alive.
Did I mention that it's beautiful?

If you were a travel agent and had to put together a week package for someone visiting NY for the first time - what would your itinerary be?

Well there are some definite must-dos:
Central Park
Statue of Liberty (I recently went for the first time and it was just incredible)
9/11 site (There are several great viewing spots inside the World Financial Center)
Stand in line at TKTS to see a Broadway show, or go by Lincoln Center to see what's playing
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
Spend most of your time just strolling through neighborhoods, East and West Village, Soho, Noho, and Chelsea. Stop in to any place that seems interesting to you and let yourself be open to finding new and original experiences. This really is a magical place where everyone can find something they love. People are really friendly here, and while yes, they are all rushing to get somewhere, many are also happy to sit and talk with you for a bit. Ask them why they love New York, and I'm sure you'll get a whole variety of answers!

If that someone had a baby, what would that itinerary be?

This is a tough one for me since I don't have kids and most of my friends don't have kids.
There is a great Children's Museum on the Upper West Side and the parks are loaded with great places for kids to play. Serendipity is a good restaurant to go with kids and the food's good, as if Alice's Tea Cup. FAO is a definite stop for kids of all ages. If it's wintertime, take them skating in Central Park, Bryant Park, or Rockefeller Center.

How are New Yorkers taking to their new president?

We love Obama. The night he was elected, I walked around the streets for a couple of hours after his victory speech. People were ripping open their windows and chanting O-BA-MA. The whole world came together with great joy over his election. I've never seen a political leader unite so many people from all walks of life.

Anything else you think is worth telling someone who wants to visit?
This is a one of a kind city. At the moment, I just can't imagine ever calling some place else home, though I never like to say never. It's so worth the trip.

I am definitely keen to visit now!
Moreso than before the interview
Thanks Christa you have inspired me and given me hope.

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