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Friday, September 25, 2009

We wish to go to the Opera, darling

I nearly made Cowboy fall off his chair when I announced that I wanted us to go to the Opera.
It just feels like a cultured, fancy adult thing to do.
We are officially adults now. Since we have child anyway.
So, this is on the to-do list.
Here is my vision:
We dress up to the nines, no expense spared (except our family tax benefit money, reality check. ) - we book into an oooh la la fancy hotel (care of last minute dot com or the like-) we spend the day hoity toitering around in fluffy bathrobes (child is left with the grandparents) sipping Sav Blanc darling and flicking through Opera Australia magazine (if that exists)
I might treat myself to an express mani / pedi - oh why express? I don't know - child is not with me - I treat myself to an extended mani/pedi.... facial, get my hair done and then we slip into the outfits that we otherwise have no occasion to wear.... oh and we will have those binocular thingies too.
I just had a sudden thought. Do people get really really dressed up to go to the Opera, or have I made that up and is just something from the movies?
Oh well who cares, even if no-one gets really dressed up and we swan in looking like we are attending her Majesty's Royal Birthday Bash - who really cares?
We will be one thing that I miss being in the country. Anonymous! No-one will say anything, and we will feel important (either that or like idiots). Which is what it is all about. The important bit anyway.
Regardless of whether people do get dressed up to the nines or not for the Opera - we will.
Regardless of whether people in real life actually use those little binocular thingies. We will.
Even if we are in the front row ha ha.
And am I making it up that people have fans at the Opera, fan themselves or hide their eyes behind when a tear escapes during when the Soprano hits that long high note when she finds out her lover cheated on her?
To be brutally honest, I have no idea about Operas - * really we would never have guessed I hear the readers murmur * I don't know much at all.
I don't know what a good opera would be to see. If you take out Pavarotti and Dame whatshername from Australia I couldn't even name a famous Opera singer! Except maybe that bloke that sang on that reality show singing with the stars or whatever it is.
I'm embarrassing myself now.
I am not sounding like a very cultured adult am I?
But I do wish to change this. I have great potential to know more about Opera and I will adore it I am sure.
There is an operatic (is that a word?) tune on the movie Life is Beautiful that I love. Whenever I hear Opera on the movies it always stirs my emotions beautifully - and I love to be moved.
So as ignorant as I am about the Opera I think I will be in fine company. I think the only Sopranos Cowboy knows are in his box set DVD collection....
Still, it is my dream to take the Cowboy - and have a hoity toity weekend with fluffy robes, glamorous outfits, binoculars, fans and hopefully a sneaky tear because we have been moved by the music.
Watch this space.
If anyone knows just the Opera that we should attend and whether or not binoculars and fancy dress are part of it - love to hear from you.

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  1. If you are going to Sydney, go and see Wicked. Awesome musical (no not opera, but Cowboy would probably prefer it). If Melbourne go and see Chicago (again musical, but a little bit more risque).



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