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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The People's Princess

There are some people who prattle on about their cats and it gets boring.
I know.
But please hear me out.
My cat has gone missing.
It has been 4 or 5 days since I saw her.
I need to prattle on, I am hurting.
I love her.
For the uninitiated her name is Princess Baby.
I don't know why.
She started out as "Boy George".
I then found out he was a 'she' (although same could almost be said for Boy George - could be a drag cat?? )
Her name, strangely, morphed into Princess Baby.
Sometimes Baby Girl.
Sometimes Blurt.
I won't go there. It is a family thing.
Although she has many names (which made it hard when I put an ad on the radio this morning) She is super, super special.
Not a fancy breed or anything like that.
Just a tabby cat I was given from a litter of ten.
She chose me as her Mama and then she prepared me for Mamahood.
People that saw me with her all said "I have never seen a cat like her!" - even cat haters seemed to find something to like in her.
All she wanted was to cuddle, or sleep on your head (see Cowboy's pic - someone who doesn't like cats mind you.)
She was obsessed with jumping up and cuddling me.
She wanted me to carry her everywhere.
If I was standing up she would jump up like a dog would so I would pat her!
Forget the imagery you have of cats with their arrogant independent air.
Princess Baby broke the mould.
She was a people-cat.The people's Princess if you will.
A couple of years into her life and the Little Prince (my son) was born.
Ten months into mothering a person and I admit I have felt super guilty at times.
I haven't been able to give her the cuddles that she had become accustomed to as much.
She looks at me sadly sometimes and then at the Prince with such contempt.
Now, she is... gone.
I cannot imagine how people feel when their children go missing.
I am laying awake at night wondering if she has been caught in a trap, bitten by a snake - or if she simply ran away because she was heartbroken.
I hope she is just on an adventure chasing birds and having a lovely time.
How awful is this not knowing.

(please note I jump tenses here, I don't know if she is still with us or not so forgive my grammar - I'm tense confused.)


  1. Oh I know that feeling- not for cats though. I have 2 of them burned into my brain. The first was when I lost my daughter in David Jones for 10 WHOLE MINUTES. She was 2. No sleepless nights then. The most recent was at 1.45 am 7 nights ago when her friend called me to say she hadn't see her for over an hour and the pub was closing. Terrifying! It turned out ok though- only 45 minutes of lost sleep. I hope your cat turns up soon!

  2. My thoughts are with you. My cat Leo went missing for a week earlier this year, so I know the feeling well. Keep hoping for the best, and continue to get the word out there.

    She looks and sounds like an amazing cat. <3

  3. She'll turn up Sharn...Penny is fretting for her as well. Love you mate, and love old Blurt....

  4. Looks like a very special cat...hope you find her Sharni!!

  5. I'm sorry to hear she has gone missing.

    Have you put signs up around your neighbourhood, or checked with your local pounds/vets in case they have picked up any cats recently?

    With such a friendly cat it's possible that someone else in the neighbourhood is looking after her thinking she's a stray.

    Fingers crossed she will turn up.

  6. Thanks Liz. It has been over a week now. I put an ad on the local radio and asked around - but nothing... still hoping though.

  7. Oh no!! I hope she has just gone for a little wander and comes back soon - cats sometimes do that.
    Big hugs!


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