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Friday, November 6, 2009

Cafe Dreams

This morning was like each Saturday.
Cowboy cooked up a breakfast delight.
I reminded myself of the good one I snagged before I devoured the bacon and eggs with luuurvely coffee.

(and give some to Monte who is like a seagull these days which, incidentally is proving helpful for portion control )

Having a great brekky and nice coffee is mandatory at least once a week.

In the OHT* there are only 3 cafes - they aren't great - but we frequent them for something to do.

But, when it comes down to it, Cowboy's brekkies have it all over them.

We have often thought it would be great to own a cafe - not in the OHT but somewhere pretty.
Somewhere with more horses** and less dust.
With more rain and more sourdough bread.

Cowboy raves about the Blue Pumpkin which is a bakery/cafe we went to a couple of times in Siem Reap - Cambodia.

Aside from its scrumptious food we really enjoyed the upstairs part which was filled with massive bed like lounges (see pic)

You could sprawl out with your shoes off, people watch in comfort and eat delights from the sumptuous menu.

You could even plug your laptop in and laze the day away blogging, drinking coffee...

We could have spent all day there.

We have always said that we would love to start a cafe similar to this.

It is in the 'maybe one day' category, not the must-do list.

We would have someone called Sonia working there for us.

I'll explain.

One of the ways I like to attract things in to my life is by talking in specific detail of how I would obtain them.

If nothing else it is fun.

The dream cafe we have spoken of is in a lovely coastal town.

A town filled with interesting creative people, great scenery, shops and festivals and farmers markets.

Small enough town for the Cowboy to be happy, but close enough to a larger centre to satisfy my whims.

After much detail about how we would like our life and cafe to be, we arrived at the decision our cafe would be run by a fantastic lady named.... Sonia.

Why not?

It stuck.


We realise the reality of running a cafe is more hard work then a social occassion.
Baking, cleaning, waiting, wiping, cooking, chopping -

This is where Sonia would come in.

She would do all the cooking and cleaning.

The customers really respond to her - and she manages the cafe like a dream.

She's a real personality - and so efficient.

We would just be the fun duo that would pop in from time to time to charm the customers and arrange the furniture.

Sonia would double as our nanny.

And our personal chef.

Did I mention our holiday home?

It would be just up the road from the cafe, and I would be working there, as a writer.

Cowboy would be a carpenter (but still a Cowboy - we own a farm in the Southern Highlands- we are on a working holiday) Cowboy likes to knock around in his workshop and build things in between taking dips in the ocean.

Sonia would duck over a couple of times a day to bring us lattes.

She makes a fine one.

Nothing is too much trouble for her.

Oooops when we came up with this dream sequence we didn't really factor little Monte in ....

Well its holidays so ... he'd be at playgroup???


the cafe dream

it is a half - arsed one

the town and the farm minus the cafe would still be great to me

I don't know if we ever truly want to own a cafe

its out to the universe now

if we ever meet an eager to please us freak of nature named Sonia, we'll take it as a sign.

Images from here

* One Horse Town (if you have not read here before)
** I am not a horse person


  1. Hi Sharni,

    Can I be your first customer ? I love your dream..it sounds fantastic ! You could make a Dream slide show and post it on your blog as I have, to broadcast to the universe your vision ! (have a squizz under the Dream tab on my blog).

  2. Oh! I loved the Blue Pumpkin! I had totally forgotten about that place!

    Count me in as one of your customers, just make sure you have some soy milk on hand ;)


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