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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Girl Gone Child and Pioneer Woman - Too cool for me?

I like to keep my posts positive where possible, but today I have a small gripe.
It is with those bloggers who are giving me the vibe that they are too important to talk to small time bloggers (with big-time ambition)
I am talking in particular about two blogs that I admire: Pioneer Woman (our stories are similar) and Girl Gone Child.
I have sung both their praises often, both here and to them personally.
- I have asked them both on numerous occassions for the honour of interviewing them.
They don't even warrant me a reply.
I can handle a No - but I don't like to be ignored!

It makes me sad that while I admire their work I don't admire the way they are not accessable - or polite to ardent followers. I feel tempted to take myself off their list. Hmmmph.
I know they have read the emails and comment because they have to approve them before printing them.
I have been nothing but doting and kind.
I don't care how busy they are.
Who isn't?
It is my opinion if one is to blog then one is choosing to be interactive with readers.
If not, then choose another medium!
Oh yes they love to receive comments, but to return the favour? Heaven forbid.
Or is it they are 'too bigtime' to be interviewed on a small blog from an Aussie unknown?
Or is it they cannot write back because they are too busy photographing themselves 400 times for their next post?
Haha - snarly day today - lookout!
I appreciate these women are probably very busy and popular but how long does it take to write : "No thanks I am busy" if they are not into the idea?
Braja from Lost and Found in India has blogs equal in popularity as these two ladies- I asked her for an interview and she wrote back immediately to thank me for asking but that she was soooo busy right now, but can I ask her again later on?
I respect that.
Writing is obviously the fortes of these two I speak of, so it should be second nature.
If you feel passionate about this maybe you could send them a message that they should be interviewed on my chronicles?
Put pressure on these big guns I say!
See if they really have qualities worth admiring?
What do you think?


  1. Ok, detour here, I don't get the thing with Girl Gone Child. I don't really see the difference between her blog and a million others out there?

    I see the attraction with Dooce - her writing and photography is fantastic - but not so much with GGC. Perhaps I'm missing something?

    But anyway, yeah, very frustrating for you. But us fellow lowly bloggers will always return the love!

  2. Ps. Have you checked out Sweet Juniper? It's one of my favourites. It's written by a guy, he has responded to a couple of things I sent him, and his blog is always chock full of great photos of Detroit and stories about his life.


  3. I think (GGC) it depends which posts you read - some lately aren't that interesting but she does write really well. I'll find some particularly good ones and show you OK.
    Thanks for the lead with Sweet Juniper, funny I don't follow any mens ones - perhaps I should.

  4. hello - i feel the same. there are a few blogs that i always used to post comments on and i just wasnt feeling like it was appreciated. so i stopped. {and they rarely visited my page}.

    im very much in the mindset that if you comment on my blog i will head over to yours, have a squiz and comment if i feel the need. and usually end up following too.

    {but then again im not a big-time blogger you speak of}


  5. Hallelujah!

    I've been reading a lot of these 'popular' blogs for a while and trying to figure out how to incorporate interviews etc into my site. Until they never reply. Or comment.

    Had a bit of a bitch about the dooce 'community' yesterday that I took down.

    Go the newer bloggers, Sharni far more interesting!

  6. Maybe they need to take Good Manners and Right Conduct course again? ; ).

  7. Amen! I am almost slavishly devoted to attracting followers, and try to comment regularly on their blogs etc., even though I'm sometimes a bit slack if it's been a busy day. I do think it's a bit hair-tossingly rude to ignore your requests, and besides, YOU'RE AWESOME, so tongues out to them I say! lol

  8. Just remember the little people when you get to the top Sharni!

    I'll send a few comments and messages to Ree Drummond -I know she reads her comments. I think she is shy :) And we can't forget Gretchen who linked to our humble post-she interacts with every bit of social media there is. That's the difference I think between her and others. I suggest we start a bit of a campaign on ASW and here to get the Pioneer Woman to visit Sharnanigans.

  9. I had another idea Sharni-if you left a critical comment ( re the stuff you are saying here) on their blogs that would definitely get their attention.

  10. Well, you know what, I think they suck for not at least replying to you. I don't read either of them. Though many people have raved. I like to find the quirky and fun less known blogs. I am not looking to get to blog domination status. Just grow mine and my readership to incorporate more good friends! :D

  11. I share your frustration Ladies. I follow Dooce, but not Pioneer Woman. My site includes some interviews. So far, only one interview is with anyone who is a "name". Still, they Are interesting people.


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