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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hierophant in Heels : My tarot reading

any interpreter of sacred mysteries or esoteric principles

A little while back I interviewed Alice Grist, Author of the book taking the UK by storm ( I predict Australia is next... ) the High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment .

As a cheeky side note after the interview I joked that she could read my tarot cards.

And bless her, she did!

In her reading, Alice covered my past, my present and my future.

Alice is in England - so she shuffled the cards while thinking of me and the cards and the insights that she produced were very interesting!

I will now share with you some of the highlights - what she said and how it relates to current situation.

You have found your ideal future and now just need to adapt things to make it happen -

I have and yes I am trying

Trust in your intuition

I do, I do and more all the time

You will move away from negative feelings and fears and will embrace your inner strength and talents

This is true - negative stuff that used to bother me and concerns about what others think in particular - have left the building -- and they used to rule the roost!!

I am now so focused on what makes me tick that there is no room for the negative stuff.

A person who represents a spiritual advisor / guru will enter your life

OOOH I joked that maybe this was Alice - the card that indicated this is called the Hierophant (pictured) and I think that Alice could be my Hierophant in a pair of heels - !

She plucked out the King of Pentacles which revealed things about Cowboy.

She said "he is a key person in your life - reliable and supportive - a stable force and very practical - whether you realise it or not he is a rock for you."

Not a truer word typed.
Cowboy is certainly all that - and I feel will continue to be.

She predicted I will live in traditional ways but will also find the time and space to be true to my spiritual self

This is a massive challenge for me - I have a side of me that is definitely attracted to all things spiritual (hope that doesn't sound wanky - I have a hard time explaining this one - but I have a definite gravitation towards certain ideas / ways of living.. which is why I can't wait to read Alice's book)
and because I have this nagging side to me - I worry about how I can raise Monte with my 'ideas' when my family are more traditional.
This indicates best of both worlds so makes me happy.

Number of choices and opportunities coming my way

Excellent Smithers

The world is opening up to me quickly

Likin' that pace, likin' that pace

Embrace this energy and take swift action

I am!

Things will develop quickly

Good because patience ain't no virtue of mine

Competition and minor setbacks

oh well, to be expected I guess

Period of being unsettled....

hmmmm comes with the territory??

Internal struggles partner, child and work

oh no hope its not too bad...

This situation will give you a taste of your abilities ambition and own strength!

Oh I hope I like the taste!

Things will smooth themselves out - natural side effect of change


Outcome and future --

You will emerge victorious, ambitious and a force to be reckoned with. You will be charging forth into your future with great courage, compassion and confidence!

Brilliant! I am charging towards my future in this way already.

Thanks Alice for your reading.... it made sense to me - greatly - I will let you know if life unravels along these lines.

To receive your own reading from my High Heeled Hierophant (aka Alice Grist) you can visit her here

Oh and I am anxiously awaiting my copy of her book that I ordered through Booktopia.... I will review it here when I am done

What do you make of tarot readings and psychics? Have you had an accurate reading before? What did it predict?


  1. Ha ha, you are hilarious!

    And yes we are all a force to be reckoned with!

  2. Hmmm, tarot... I'm undecided, having never experienced it. I do believe in psyhics though (and I'm damn sure there are some scammers too)and when I have some moolah I want to go see a psychic a friend saw once and was blown away. Maybe I'll wait and see if your predictions come true, and then decide!! lol

  3. Wow! sounds interesting :)
    I personally have never had any tarot card reading done ever. Am really not sure if I trust all-similar future unveiling sciences.

    Hope you having a wonderful time.
    Good luck.
    I hope your dreams do come true, soon.


  4. Thanks for this lovely piece Sharni. Tarot is a fabulous guidance tool, and in that respect it is quite different from psychics, medium or even palm reading. Whilst tarot can be predictive it works best as a kind of spiritual and objective best friend! I'm so glad the reading I did for you makes sense, and hope it will continue to be helpful for the future.
    Alice x

  5. Yes I have been to a clairvoynt and we did a Tarot card reading as well as interpret my numbers. It was a bit spooky about what was uncovered without me giving any prompts but most of all I saw it as a bit of fun and gave me a different perspective to view a few things that went on in my life.

  6. This is so cool! Have you ever had your cards read before?

  7. yeah I have had them read before - they are good for guidance I find and giving new perspective - and fun!


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