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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book Review: High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment

I interviewed the very lovely author,  Alice Grist a little while back.
 She read my cards. 
I bought her book.

 I read it like a maniac (ie - while changing nappies, driving, cooking dinner) and I just HAD to write a review for you modern girls so you too can have your fix of spirituality! 

The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment, as I forsee, will be on the best sellers lists over here.


I don't just say these things because Alice was kind enough to be interviewed by me and read my cards.

That is just the kind of girl she is. Down to Earth as well as a little beyond our Earth......

 You know when you just know that a  writer has the X Factor and is going to go places?

She has it.

In spades.

She is thoroughly modern, a little bit rock chick, with tons of sass and oh so importantly, she has an excellent sense of humour - AND she is totally jiggy with all things other worldly!

What more do you want from a writer?

In her book, Alice takes the modern girl through all realms of spirituality from Buddhism to Kabbalah.

She writes it in a genius, definitely enlightened way that  makes it accessable and applicable to the every day girl.

It is not a kooky or wacky book that you feel should be reserved for those who live in communes, rather it explains, from her real life experimentation - which elements of different spiritual beliefs  are worth adding to your life and why. She finds elements in each that are worth a crack!

Very, very  thought provoking.

 I have already taken onboard  a lot of the things that resonated with me.

 I could not review this more honestly than to cut and paste the email I sent to Alice when I completed her book :

"I LOVE IT I LOVE IT like I knew i would from the very first friend request i received on she-writes....Alice!

I have finally finished the book.

 A hard slog at times in between mothering duties, blogging and general domestic goddess-ness....

and I just want to congratulate you on a truly truly inspiring piece of work.

Although I have never met you, I could truly hear your voice through your writing (though am not sure if you have an american or english accent or combined ??) and it really did feel as though it was told from friend to friend - which truly achieves the goal of being incredibly inspiring - and genuine.

You could read any old book about buddhism or tarot cards, but when you are reading it and it feels like you are writing an email direct to me as your mate, to tell me the ins and outs.
 It adds a whole lot of intergrity (and genius) to the matter.

Since reading your book I have started paying closer attention to a lot of things I might not have paid attention to before. 

t has really opened up a world to me, a world to me that I have already been aware of but kind've ignored or suppressed a bit because of the desire to fit in with those around me. 

I am sure I am not alone in this and you will reach out and speak to the high heeled lovin' gal who is seeking something a little richer in life than $500 shoes...

It is the book I wish I had've thought of to write, but alas - you have the know-how and it could only be from you.
You have a great talent and thanks for using it to the advantage of the sisterhood!!!"

Please, take my word for it- I am passionate about this book!

Do yourselves a favour and get enlightened!

You can purchase it via Booktopia 

I love this gal's writing and style so much I have invited her to Guest Post and be a regular contributor to my upcoming website. More of Alice to come.

If you do get the book, please let me know what you think! 


  1. Sharni you are such a little star, thank you so much for this incredible review! Made my day!!!! Lots and lots of love and hugs, Alice x

  2. Wow Sharni, I meant to get this book when you first interviewed Alice, but now I'm super excited to go grab it!

  3. PS I keep meaning to say this in response to your original email... My accent is British - with a slight Northern (Manchester/Bolton) twang! No American at all!

  4. Isn't it wonderful when we meet people who we know came into our lives for a reason?! thanks so much for sharing your feelinsg about this book - I have to pick it up!

  5. Well now I am torn...desperately trying to save every last penny and desperately wanting to buy this book and wondering if there's a reason why I should! I'm going to wait and see what my instinct tells me to do. Does it discuss manifestation in there? Because I've been reading a lot about it and may have to work on this book manifesting itself for me...By the way, UK buyers can get it for under £8 on amazon - I just looked!

  6. I'll go grab it now! I need some inspiration and enlightenment.

  7. Hey there, so glad you gals are going to buy my book! Hope you enjoy it!

    Miss Swirley - the book covers a huge range of topics and as manifestation, positive thinking etc is inherent to spirituality, then yeah I guess it does, but not as a separate chapter on it's own. Is the book expensive in Australia then? That's a shame if that is the case, maybe try some different sites - I know Adyar stock it now online and in store, do you have ebay maybe? I shall send positive intent that you can manifest one at a fab price!

    The contents of the book for anyone interested is:
    A brief note on coincidence
    High Heeled Reincarnation and Life between Lives
    The High Heeled Buddha
    Th High Heeled Shaman
    The High Heeled Spiritualist
    The High Heeled Witch
    The High Heeled Kabbalah
    High Heeled Heeling
    Chakras, Reiki, Crystals and Crystal Healing, Feng Shui, Yoga, Shamanic Reiki, Healing Conclusion
    High Heeled Divination
    Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry,Mediums and Psychics, Divination Conclusion
    The High Heeled Conclusion
    Much love, Alice x

  8. Hi Alice, thanks for the contents list, that's great! No, I'm actually from the UK - I was quoting Amazon prices cos I was looking for myself! I'm just being SO tight with money at the moment that even a cheap and totally worth it book gets serious consideration so I'm still thinking about it, but if I don't get it now, I will certainly do so when I come into some money!


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