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Friday, February 5, 2010

Show us your Tweets!

I am a new recruit to the world of twitter.  I have been on it for a while, but I have only really taken to  having a crack at it and learning about it in the last week.

I am pleased to report I am quite taken with him!

Sure, our first few dates were a disaster, but I have delved deeper and really tried to get to know Twitter - and have to tell you , he has really grown on me. (yes Twitter is a male, and no it has nothing to do with the word twit being in the word)

The whole concept of summing up what you want to say in 140 characters or less is a wordy challenge that I like! I am just quietly a fan of the status update on Facebook too. 

I'm a word nerd, if you please.

In some circles, Twitter has the reputation of being a useless add-on in the world of social media.

People who have come to this conclusion haven't really taken the time to get to know the charming young man, who at first seems a little shallow.

Sure, those who have misread his cues might find him to be nothing but a self-indulgent vehicle for people to lament how tired they are, or how hot it is. 

Hey I have toyed with these type of announcements too, they went down like a lead balloon. 

With good reason.

Happily, I have discovered his  good side (and have quickly learnt just not to follow those types - easy!)

When I first registered I threw myself into it by just randomly following a  stack of people. Anyone I came across.

I treated it like a numbers game, hoping they would follow me back.

 I quickly ditched this idea. 

It felt desperate and futile all at once.

Twitter wasn't at his best when I was just using him as a popularity contest.

 He left me feeling empty and wondering what the point was.

Then I started reading up on the art and science of Twitter. I was intrigued as to why so many people claimed they were hooked.

I was missing something, surely.

I started following 'Twitter tips" who have interesting lessons in tweeting. For example, to get news spread it is not how many you know, but who that counts (hence my culling) 

Another interesting snippet was how to get followers without following

Sure I had a heap of people to follow - but most of them were annoying the hell out of me with self-indulgent tweets.

I didn't care if they were hungry. 

So I 'un-followed' a heap, and found some more.

I found people of interest to follow, celebs I like - including Jane Kennedy, Sarah Wilson, Wil Anderson, Dave Hughes and Mia Freedman. They generally have good value tweets that often lead to interesting places, but of course like anyone are sometimes riddled with self-promotion (which is another point of it, so follow those who you don't mind reading about their products or gigs)

Stand up comedians are particularly good to follow as it allows them to perfect the one-liner! 

Twitter is also unique in that it gives you an opportunity to interact with celebs you admire. 

I have bantered back at a couple and happily received direct messages back. 

Gives your heart a little flutter to know the celebs you admire are a little more accessable! 

I have since started following Richard Fidler (love him on Conversations on ABC radio) and I follow Pro Blogger who advertise blogging jobs which I have been able to forward to appropriate friends.

Through following some PR groups and newsgroups, I get quick links to news of interest and feel my general knowledge is rapidly increasing.

In fact I think I would be a far more interesting guest at a dinner party now thanks to Twit.

For me, tweeting replaces watching or listening to the news.

I am going to read the news that interests me and save the propaganda of elsewhere for the masses. 
Tweeting lets you be selective in the news you want to read about. 

Following people with similar interest is a great way to fast track getting  the latest information on the stuff you are interested in.

I am loving it.

If you tweet with like-minded friends it can be better than a night at the pub AND you can quickly share great links - you can also toot your own horn guiding people to your blog posts. 

 Though having said this too much of this is a turn-off.

I think a balance of tooting your own horn, banter among friends, sharing interesting bits you have found online and following people you admire is my recipe for enjoying twitter.

So do you tweet? Join me!!! You don't tweet because you think it is silly? It really isn't, if you do it right, so I am learning anyhow. 

I am enjoying learning about it.

You can follow me here 

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I'll warn you though, if you give me all your boring details in 140 characters or less, you will be culled.


  1. Hello you Twitterholic You!

    I gotta admit I am one too. Twitter is actually the reason why I became a blogger. I kid you not!

  2. Welcome to the flock!!! You're right- balance is key:) And don't you dare think about culling me, lady!!!

  3. I have been on twitter for only a week or so, I get it but its hard to keep it in its place :)

  4. I am new to twitter too and have not yet fallen for him. Maybe I'll give him another chance.

  5. I have nothing insightful to say.. but thought this might give you a giggle..


  6. I think I must of had the first impression you speak of - that Twitter is shallow, self-indulgent and pointless. But now after reading this maybe I'll give it a go - except I don't have an internet phone thingie, so maybe not :(.

  7. Oh! Speaking of Twitter's dark side - has anyone seen this website? Tweeting Too Hard - where all those self-important tweets are posted and ridiculed!! http://tweetingtoohard.com/

  8. Twitter is grand and wonderful and i love it alot.

    You should follow

    Oh and
    @needygirlfriend is rather funny, but getting a bit irritating.

  9. Sorry, can't do it.....love fads, I really do...but I can't...(buckling against per pressure ha ha)

  10. Hey Sharni - me again!! Must be awards season again.. have a little soemthing for you at my place.

  11. Does it just take up more time? I'm having enough trouble with time management atm - I've kept away becaue I'm scared it will give me more reason to sit here and stare at my puter!! You do make it sound appealing Sharni!

  12. Hi Sharni-I was just about to post on how I don't understand Twitter. I feel so exhausted just keeping up in the blog world. How do you find the time to tweet around? I have an account, but don't go there much.

  13. Brilliant Sharni! I will try to get into it - I'm a bit scared I have to say.... but will give it another go!

  14. I'm a twit... although I've not delved into the world of tweeting much. I really should give it more of a chance.


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