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I am a full-time mama with a passion for writing and talking to fascinating people. I live in a one horse town with a Cowboy and my son. Thank Lord for cyberspace! I lived a colourful life in Sydney for a number of years. Working in advertising and journalism for FPC and the Sydney Morning Herald. During my time in Sydney I competed in a Dragon Boat race, choreographed a dragshow, used the Share Accomodation advertisements as a way to meet men and was told by Noiseworks frontrunner Jon Stevens that I was a bitch! Then came the decision to move back to country for 3 months to help out my Father with newspaper business while he was having treatment. Convinced I was a city girl I was caught by surprise when I fell in love with a farmer (and no, he didn't want a wife... still doesn't it seems!) convinced him that we needed to see the world, popped off to Vietnam to teach english in Saigon - before realising that the "food" in Nam didn't agree with me... turned out to be Monte - my son who is now with the Cowboy and I back in country NSW! I am in a wonderful stage of my life where I am focusing on the things that really make me tick. Including writing these chronicles.

Friday, February 26, 2010

What do I Do?

Now I have a fancier website, do I pack up the Chronicles? I don't think I want to. 
I don't want to pack it up. Can I do both? What are the purposes of either?
I throw these questions out there hoping someone will know what to do........... 
that is all.


  1. Why not run them both for a while and see how much you're still using your blog and how much traffic you're still getting. It could be a good tool to transition people to your website in the short term, at least until (if) you reach a point where the blog is dying a natural death. You may, on the other hand, find that both thrive as they feed each other!

  2. website looks great Sharni. I'm with Kelly. Just see how it goes. Do you have a blog on your website as well (didn't see one but I had a mummy brain look1!) Anyhoo - I'd miss you on here if you just packed up and left!!

  3. I think they are both similar. Sharni, attach your personal blog to your site so you can still have a voice. Your site is just like your blog but with more options. People can still follow your site. Just post something saying follow this instead of this.

  4. Go with the Flow!!!! See what naturally evolves. You are a communicator and connector of people, It is who you are. Your light will bring people to where they have to be by whatever means.xxxx


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