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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Say No For Kids

Another new feature?  You ask?
Yes! Another new feature! I reply
This time I'm taking my lead from Mahatma Gandhi with his famous quote "Be the change you want to see in the world" and starting a "Be-The-Change Monday!"
Each Monday I'll  feature a cause that strikes a chord and let you know how you get your hose out!
If you'd like to suggest a cause for Be-The-Change Monday - send me a note here!
While I'm talking Mondays, don't forget to cook meatless tonight and send in a pic of your meal.  You could win a copy of Jonathan Safran Foer's highly acclaimed book "Eating Animals".
An issue that is close to my heart and that has come to my attention is the placement of pornographic material in eye-shot of kids.
To be honest, the stuff offends me as well. I don't want my son viewing women with mammoth breasts and come hither eyes while shopping with me for some milk. What kind of subliminal messages about women is this going to send him, and if I had a daughter, a whole other kettle of fish.
To be completely honest, what sort of message does it send to anyone about women? Anyway I'll save my piece on it for another date. I'd like you to meet the crusader behind Say No 4 Kids Catherine Manning.

For interview with Catherine Manning and link to the petition click here

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  1. Good cause Sharni! Love the meatless monday as well, might think about introducing that one into our house.


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