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I am a full-time mama with a passion for writing and talking to fascinating people. I live in a one horse town with a Cowboy and my son. Thank Lord for cyberspace! I lived a colourful life in Sydney for a number of years. Working in advertising and journalism for FPC and the Sydney Morning Herald. During my time in Sydney I competed in a Dragon Boat race, choreographed a dragshow, used the Share Accomodation advertisements as a way to meet men and was told by Noiseworks frontrunner Jon Stevens that I was a bitch! Then came the decision to move back to country for 3 months to help out my Father with newspaper business while he was having treatment. Convinced I was a city girl I was caught by surprise when I fell in love with a farmer (and no, he didn't want a wife... still doesn't it seems!) convinced him that we needed to see the world, popped off to Vietnam to teach english in Saigon - before realising that the "food" in Nam didn't agree with me... turned out to be Monte - my son who is now with the Cowboy and I back in country NSW! I am in a wonderful stage of my life where I am focusing on the things that really make me tick. Including writing these chronicles.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Personal Training Session 1

-- smokin' hot body by summer goal progress update....

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit - Aristotle

PT was hard.
He let me stop because I was going to vomit.
It is so much more full-on to have a trainer watching my every move so I can't rest when he is not looking.
It is also hard when he is critiquing my ab crunching technique, it adds an element of extreme self consciousness that didn't exist in the non-personal training regime I am used to....
On the plus side the 'personal' part is good. It is good to have a trainer tell you approx how long til the SHB will be achieved and how it is going to happen.
It is nice for him to also give you added hope that it will happen if I just do x and y.
Being trained personally also adds an accountability factor - something I need.
It is a good outlet to burn out the stress accumulated from trying to change a babies nappy when he takes off across the room when I am trying to do it. (this IS stressful, it might sound funny, but I find it stressful!)
And oddly, It somehow gives you the energy you need to not sleep through the night.
OR gives you the ability to sleep through the baby crying through the night
Either one has got to be a good thing.
Sore today? Yes?
Felt happy afterwards despite nausea? Yes
Cowboy in attendance made it easier? Yes
Going tmrw night? Yes
Smokin' hot body coming up? See answers above
Just need to figure out what I should be eating to get the S.H.B
(important note: my actual goal is to be fit and healthy the SHB would be a nice side effect. I might reword my goal though because I feel like a real dickhead saying Smokin' Hot Bod, that is such the talk of a Cosmo reader... I have upgraded to Real Living... )

Has anyone else had a personal trainer?
How did you find it?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day one : Lets get Physical (scared)

It is day one of my health and fitness goal: To have a smokin' hot body in 12 weeks (well my version of it being smokin' hot anyway)...


Tonight the Cowboy and I are going to our first Personal training session together (also doubling as meeting the goal of 'watering the grass' for our relationship - see post: Ten Things I must do for more info)

How am I feeling?

SCARED. I have been feeling very faint for last few weeks cos not sleeping, not eating properly (excuses, excuses, excuses.. I have many) .... and know this guy really pushes you... and no-one to hide behind this time cos it's PERSONAL......

feeling annoyed because I was doing regular exercise for a few months but haven't for two months, feel like the results I did get have gone and that I am starting from scratch again... me and my yo yo exercising...


Impatient for results!
I know I'll feel great afterwards.. it is just that anticipation... you know what I mean? Where you find 1000 reasons why you really shouldn't go tonight... but I'm going. Scouts honour.

You watch afterwards I'll be beaming with endoprhins and will be lovin' life.... the before and after exercise me are like two different people

Just want to fast forward until I am a bit fitter again and going to PT isn't the most dreaded moment in the WORLD!!!!

I'll take a before pic hey??? Well maybe not, maybe I'll post before and after - once I have the after...

Wish me luck

Oh and love having to wear two bras cos still 'feeding' my boy.How very sporty and attractive

Hopefully by 12 weeks I will have proper sporting attire too.. tonight I will be decked out in baggy trackies and Cowboy's top so you can't tell I have two bras on...

Anyway gotta go psyche myself up.

I just hope when I get there the PT doesn't say:
Let me hear your body talk, body talk...

if he does it will be saying too tired... got nothin'

anyway starting the goals and for that I feel positive

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ten Point Weekend

Better do this weekly thing, I promised it would be weekly so have to at least back up once.

Round of applause for DVDs I'll never watch and other unfinished things

1. The lawn has released a filmclip which is a remake of "Welcome to the Jungle" (test to see if Cowboy reads my posts.... he promised to mow it)
2. We ate a sheep he killed. It was lovely
3. We got the movie "Seven Pounds" out for the second time. I didn't watch it again as fell asleep.
4. Shit, I still have the dvd in the car.
5. The little boy has started clapping. He clapped all weekend. Claps when he is fed, claps when he wakes up, even claps for me in the shower. I have never felt so ....... worthy of a round of applause. Who says being a Mama is a thankless job. Round of applause!
6. Weekends really aren't that exciting but in small town with limited friends
7. But I have been talking to lots of bloggers from around the world and am concentrating on writing
8. We went for coffee and shepherds pie at a cafe in town. They were mopping the floors around us. Made us feel very welcome and relaxed.
9. I got stressed out wondering if our little boy will become one of those greedy kids at christmas who wants more, more, more. This worries me. Is it mean for us not to have gift giving Christmas' I don't want to have a family that supports consumerism. Maybe we can give gifts but you have to make them or something. I worry about the world that my boy is born into - what has this to do with the weekend? I had a heated discussion with the Cowboy about my million anxieties about the new person we have in the world
10. Cowboy let me sleep in and took the boy away on Sunday. Sleeping in is like heaven on a stick when I can get it. Heaven on a stick

Highlight: Sleeping in
Lowlight: Stressing out about this evil world of consumerism that our boy has been born into! (what a normal lowlight for one's weekend haha)

Dare I ask about yours? Or will I be graced with a big fat empty comment box again?
Oh well, lucky I am thick skinned!
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Start spreading the news...

For those of you who have just walked in on my conversation,
One of them is to visit New York.
(I figure we have a lot in common - neither of us sleep)
My strategy for getting the wheels in motion towards this goal, and my others - is to find people who have what I want and to learn from them.

In this case, I searched the blogosphere for a sister that lived in NYC to find out from a local if the city was really somewhere oozing with culture, creative inspiration, high fashion and atmosphere, or if this is simply a fantasy exaggerated by my love of Sex and the City.
It didn't take me long to stumble upon a fellow (sister) blogger who has an inspiring life philosophy and blog - I approached her and asked if she would help answer some of my questions about the City.... she obliged.
In her blog, Christa in New York she is currently writing a one year series on Hope.
Every day she writes something on what makes her more hopeful in the world. Definitely worth a peep!
She caught my attention as some-one I'd like to hear from by her description on her blog
"My writings focus on curating a creative and original life, drawing inspiration from a variety of topics including the arts, book, travel, new technology and New York City, a wondrous and turbulent place I am privileged to call home"

Although worlds apart - her desire to create a creative and original life struck a chord with me - and I thought her views on New York would also.
So Christa from a little town in Australia to the Big Apple thanks for your time.

Now for the interview.......

How much is life in NY like how Carrie Bradshaw depicts it? (sorry had to ask)

My life isn't anything like Carrie's! Well, I shouldn't say that. I love SATC. It's a fantastic love letter to New York - a place I am so happy to live in. And I am a writer. As far as Carrie's spending habits and her personal life, mine is nothing like that. I spend more time going to nerdy events like lectures at museums and volunteering is a big part of my life. I do love spending time with my friends, as she did in the show, though I care far less about my appearance and have no desire at all to ever have my personal life show up on Page 6!

What is something only a local would know about NY that you could tell someone who wanted to visit to do, off the tourist trail?

Wow - should I really share my off-the-beaten trail secrets?
I can tell you that one of the greatest past times in New York is people-watching.
New Yorkers have actually perfected it into a fine art.
Some odd-ball things I love that are somewhat tucked away: drinks on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, hole-in-the-wall restaurants like Westville, Shalel, and Molly's, and cupcakes from Crumbs.
Spend some time in the Hall of Biodiversity in the American Museum of Natural History and walk through St. John the Divine during choir practice.

How do you keep your life simple and creative in a busy city?

This is a tough one. This is my third run at living in New York City and I think I'm finally getting it right!
I've recently made a personal commitment, and my friend and writing partner, Laura, is helping me stay on the right path: going forward I'm only spending time with people and doing things that I truly, truly love.
There's so much to do in New York, so much to see, so much to experience, that it's very easy, and probable, to run yourself ragged.
That's exactly what happened to me the last two times I lived here.
I I just do what I love, then I get energy form those activities rather than feeling like my energy is getting sapped.
There are a few tricks I'm employing that seem to work: I practice yoga regularly, I live near two parks (Riverside Park and Central Park), and I take some time to be by myself every day. These three things in combination keep me centered and happy.

What is the mood in NY following the events of 9/11?

New York has every mood you can imagine. I do my best to love every moment, to cultivate a sense of peace and happiness and understanding. And I remind myself that all things happen for a reason. This attitude helps me appreciate the good times and gets me through the bad ones, too.

If you had to sum up life in NY in a word what would it be?

Tumultuous. So much happens. Every day it makes me fall more in love with and it also breaks my heart. It's a very emotional place, and it makes me feel alive.
Did I mention that it's beautiful?

If you were a travel agent and had to put together a week package for someone visiting NY for the first time - what would your itinerary be?

Well there are some definite must-dos:
Central Park
Statue of Liberty (I recently went for the first time and it was just incredible)
9/11 site (There are several great viewing spots inside the World Financial Center)
Stand in line at TKTS to see a Broadway show, or go by Lincoln Center to see what's playing
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
Spend most of your time just strolling through neighborhoods, East and West Village, Soho, Noho, and Chelsea. Stop in to any place that seems interesting to you and let yourself be open to finding new and original experiences. This really is a magical place where everyone can find something they love. People are really friendly here, and while yes, they are all rushing to get somewhere, many are also happy to sit and talk with you for a bit. Ask them why they love New York, and I'm sure you'll get a whole variety of answers!

If that someone had a baby, what would that itinerary be?

This is a tough one for me since I don't have kids and most of my friends don't have kids.
There is a great Children's Museum on the Upper West Side and the parks are loaded with great places for kids to play. Serendipity is a good restaurant to go with kids and the food's good, as if Alice's Tea Cup. FAO is a definite stop for kids of all ages. If it's wintertime, take them skating in Central Park, Bryant Park, or Rockefeller Center.

How are New Yorkers taking to their new president?

We love Obama. The night he was elected, I walked around the streets for a couple of hours after his victory speech. People were ripping open their windows and chanting O-BA-MA. The whole world came together with great joy over his election. I've never seen a political leader unite so many people from all walks of life.

Anything else you think is worth telling someone who wants to visit?
This is a one of a kind city. At the moment, I just can't imagine ever calling some place else home, though I never like to say never. It's so worth the trip.

I am definitely keen to visit now!
Moreso than before the interview
Thanks Christa you have inspired me and given me hope.

Tattoos for the walls

Just quickly, I found this site selling wall words and I think I like it!
We are about to renovate our house, knocking down walls, putting new kitchen in - the works... personally I like the decorating part more - and I just love these. Some are pretty corny - but I like them
Do you think it would be too corny to have something like this in the house???
I think the "Be You" one would be a great one for Princey's room...
I also like:
Keep calm and carry on
Be the change you want to see in the world
Seize the Day ... among others..
I have often thought if I had a tattoo (which I don't) I would get a quote that really helped me when I needed it (like the above) perhaps this could be my version of the tatt... just on the walls instead of my skin....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Three Columnists emailed - three replies!

Top - Helen Brown, middle - Wil Anderson, bottom Mia Freedman

I want to be a columnist and an author. So I emailed three that I admire. They all wrote back to me. A grand sign from the universe is it not?
Thank-you to three people I admire. Wil Anderson; Mia Freedman and Helen Brown.
Their advice to little old me? Wil - well actually he advised me to contact Mia, but it was nice of him to reply, basically he said he has never had to chase columnist gigs they have just come to him (perhaps I could come back as Wil next life?)
Mia advised blogging away, networking away and commenting away on other sites. Yes 'Mam I have been doing so. Thank-you. She suggested blogging can leverage one into published work in the press etc... While Helen - she advised that some of the best writing happens when you 'cut open a vein', so to speak.....

Taking it all onboard. So excited to be on my journey.

Every bloody gate

Just a quick one to show you the realities of how I faired working on the "farm"
Give me an office any day. I hate opening bloody gates every 2 minutes.

Jack (the dog) receives Indian Head Massage

This was back in the day where I worked on the farm for a month... hence my charming attire!
I felt sorry for the working dogs (and myself) because it is so damn hot working on a farm in the middle of Summer!
So, come "smoko" time they were able to visit the Dog Day spa (aka some old shed) for an Indian Head Massage. Truth be known, I still am not sure what an Indian Head massage is - it just felt right to name it this...
Sadly, Jack who features in this clip passed away last year. He was the Cowboy's favourite dog. I'm glad I was able to treat him to this ... he didn't seem to mind at all!!!!

We wish to go to the Opera, darling

I nearly made Cowboy fall off his chair when I announced that I wanted us to go to the Opera.
It just feels like a cultured, fancy adult thing to do.
We are officially adults now. Since we have child anyway.
So, this is on the to-do list.
Here is my vision:
We dress up to the nines, no expense spared (except our family tax benefit money, reality check. ) - we book into an oooh la la fancy hotel (care of last minute dot com or the like-) we spend the day hoity toitering around in fluffy bathrobes (child is left with the grandparents) sipping Sav Blanc darling and flicking through Opera Australia magazine (if that exists)
I might treat myself to an express mani / pedi - oh why express? I don't know - child is not with me - I treat myself to an extended mani/pedi.... facial, get my hair done and then we slip into the outfits that we otherwise have no occasion to wear.... oh and we will have those binocular thingies too.
I just had a sudden thought. Do people get really really dressed up to go to the Opera, or have I made that up and is just something from the movies?
Oh well who cares, even if no-one gets really dressed up and we swan in looking like we are attending her Majesty's Royal Birthday Bash - who really cares?
We will be one thing that I miss being in the country. Anonymous! No-one will say anything, and we will feel important (either that or like idiots). Which is what it is all about. The important bit anyway.
Regardless of whether people do get dressed up to the nines or not for the Opera - we will.
Regardless of whether people in real life actually use those little binocular thingies. We will.
Even if we are in the front row ha ha.
And am I making it up that people have fans at the Opera, fan themselves or hide their eyes behind when a tear escapes during when the Soprano hits that long high note when she finds out her lover cheated on her?
To be brutally honest, I have no idea about Operas - * really we would never have guessed I hear the readers murmur * I don't know much at all.
I don't know what a good opera would be to see. If you take out Pavarotti and Dame whatshername from Australia I couldn't even name a famous Opera singer! Except maybe that bloke that sang on that reality show singing with the stars or whatever it is.
I'm embarrassing myself now.
I am not sounding like a very cultured adult am I?
But I do wish to change this. I have great potential to know more about Opera and I will adore it I am sure.
There is an operatic (is that a word?) tune on the movie Life is Beautiful that I love. Whenever I hear Opera on the movies it always stirs my emotions beautifully - and I love to be moved.
So as ignorant as I am about the Opera I think I will be in fine company. I think the only Sopranos Cowboy knows are in his box set DVD collection....
Still, it is my dream to take the Cowboy - and have a hoity toity weekend with fluffy robes, glamorous outfits, binoculars, fans and hopefully a sneaky tear because we have been moved by the music.
Watch this space.
If anyone knows just the Opera that we should attend and whether or not binoculars and fancy dress are part of it - love to hear from you.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ten things I must do

Since I started blogging, about 2 months ago, I have been a little concerned that my Chronicles are random and niche-less.
Concerned only because I have ambition for my blog to reach an audience that is interested in what I have to say and not just stumble upon my blog and feel like they have walked in on someone else's conversation and not stay and listen... if you know what I mean?
According to an article I read to have a popular blog it is very advisable you become an 'expert' in something, have a niche.
- Give the readers something to think about.
Now, though others have done it beautifully honing in on a niche, like Down to Earth has with her gardening and Sassy Bella has with her fashion - I have been really racking my brain to find an area where I just know my stuff ........ hmmmmm
Due to the fact I can teach readers bugger all about scrap booking, tapestry, organic gardening, sequins, needlework or home science, let alone anything to do with Mothering I have come up with the idea of inviting you on a journey as I tackle some goals. and join me as I try to become an expert in ...... ten things.
My vision is to swap information with people who have similar goals, laugh about potholes we hit along the way, lessons learnt, achievements ... but ultimately to conquer this list and then make some more.
So without further ado. I am happy to introduce you to...........

The Ten Things I must Do (really soon)
Drum roll......................... ( I reserve the right to amend these over the next week as I gather my thoughts on this concept)

1) Become famous blogger / columnist and author
So to do this, I will be searching for those who have become what I wish to become, I will interview them, study them and feature them in my journey. Have you cracked it here? If so please email me as I would love to talk to you and feature you on my blog.
I am interested in people like Ms Freedman and Ms Woolf and the rest of you who have gone from blog to book with columns thrown in here and there. I need your wisdom so I can replicate it :-)

2) Have a STYLISH wardrobe with clothes that perfectly flatter my age and stage
Since becoming a Mama, the fashionista that was once me, seems to have left the building. Join me as I try to find her before it is too late. My goal here is to save money to go on the ultimate shopping spree.
This, will take time. So while the money slowly accumulates I am going to study FASHION. Colours, styles, cuts - I will research the fashion industry no end so by the time my pennies have have reached my target shop assistants will be put out jobs because when they say "Can I help you?" my reply will be "No. I know EXACTLY what I want"
I will find out everything from what colours suit, what cuts - investment pieces the works. I will learn from the experts. Sassy Bella???
Maybe I'll see what Trin & Suz have to say...
We can swap tips, photos, inspirations on all things for a fashionista in hibernation.
3) Have a smokin' hot and energised bod!
( - to date my insatiable relationship with sugar has sabotaged my attempts to reach my goal weight and to be a healthy eating role model for my boy.
I recently stopped my exercise classes due to feeling exhausted all the time, but as a result of stopping them .... feel ... exhausted.
SO Join me on this journey of beating the battle with sugary evils , developing healthy eating and exercise habits and having the bod to prove it.
OK granted, once upon a time this goal would be purely in the name of vanity. But, seriously, I want to ingrain these habits in myself in order to set a good example to my son. That is the primary reason. If I look smokin' hot in my new clobber (see number 2. well that would just be an excellent plus)
hello! I am starting personal training alongside my Cowboy on Tuesday. We have hired a trainer and all!!!!!!!! Promise to include pics... SCARED
4) Attend a night at the opera
What the?
Before Baby you'd be likely to catch me chasing Evan Dando around Sydney or attending rockin' musical festivals with a ciggie in one hand and a ciggie in the other....
But since having baby and trying to play him classical music and opera (hey it's meant to stimulate their brains) I have got right into it... bagged the fags and replaced it with listening to Old Hags...
Now I would LOVE to take my Cowboy to a fancy night at the Opera , all dressed up, booked into a swanky hotel and having those little binocular thingies too...
This is a must on my to-do list and help me find the perfect Opera to attend and let me tell you about it when we do....
5) Go to New York
Call me sad, but those Sex and the City gals did glamorise it for me. (Sad, that is as pathetic as the Brits coming to Australia because of Neighbours or Home and Away I know) Sure 9/11 did the opposite - but still am intrigued to visit the city so good they named it twice - and for once that won't be Wagga Wagga.
I am very interested in attending the Blogher conference next year in August - a pipe dream? or a possible reality?
Well its listed here, so it HAS To happen now!! Cyberspace will hold me accountable!
Cowboy can take the Prince for a tour downtown while I have a cosmopolitan with my blogging counterparts from around the world......
6) Live in an inspiring town/city- need to find where this is
At the moment I live in a lovely town, albeit the damn one I grew up in and spent most of my adult life escaping!!! It is nice because I have family here - it is nice and safe to raise the boy in- but for me??? Not inspiring enough. I don't mean to sound like I think I'm above it -I'm not, it is just I'm not a sporty person and well, its pretty much a good town to live in if you are...
So here I am going to research the best damn place for me and my fam to live. It must be - near a big centre not necessarily in one (compromise because Cowboy won't do big city) , it has to be close to Ocean, it has to have lovely cafes, restaurants, culture - it has to be child friendly, community minded - have cool people in it??! And I also need to check what Cowboy wants to, which would probably be - football team :-)
7) Get in touch with spiritual side
I have an inner voice, that when I make the effort to listen to (a rarity) knows its stuff. So here I am making it a goal to find my spiritual side and have a regular practice. I will try all sorts of methods to get in touch with it and see what works. I am very inspired by a Katherine Jenkins - her blog about the lessons she has learnt from the Monk she married. Here I will learn my own lessons - and draw inspiration from people like her. I would like to get into meditation in a big way, but ......... must learn more....
8) Renovate our house and make it into dream home
Inspiration needed here, we have the $ to do it (got a small loan) so watch this space for updates!
9) Become a conscious Parent
Although I have come into the world of being a Mama quite naively (doesn't everyone?) - I want to learn as much as I can about children - their needs etc.. in order to consciously raise my boy. Not to accidentally traumatise him through setting bad examples etc... but to be aware of how I am parenting and aware of what I want to teach him. I can never learn enough about this. I really want to be the best example I can be for my boy. That is the greatest motivation I have in for the first time in my life dedicating myself to these goals. I want him to be able to set goals and achieve them too.
10) To nurture my relationship with the Cowboy
A fine Aunt once gave me advice "The grass is greener where you water it" I will always cherish this - and here - I will journal ways in which I water the grass - and I hope you will also share...

So how am I going to do this ????
Well first things first...
I am on the hunt for people who have achieved what I seek to.... when I find them I hope to bring what i learn to my post and then set myself tasks on my way to achieving the TEN THINGS I MUST DO -

What do you think?
How can I make myself accountable for achieving these things?
Any suggestions welcome
Are you on a similar journey - care to join me ?

Monday, September 21, 2009

We are Merinos

Ok this is bigtime embarrassing. But I will do it anyway.
Whilst working on the farm I was struck by musical inspiration. This is the number. Yes I know, I have an exquisite voice.
Perhaps this could be theme song for Australian Wool?
What do you think?

Hat off to the Working Dog!

(Foreword: A couple of years ago when I first moved from City to Country and fell in love with a Cowboy I did what I would have thought IMPOSSIBLE in my previous urban life; worked on the farm for about a month with him.

Just so you know, I was a little bit of an urban stiletto wearing office girl prior so this experience was totally out of the comfort zone- but totally one for the memoirs... )

...Respect for the Cowboy’s tenacity to work in unbearable conditions was beginning to grow. I literally felt the need to ‘take my hat off’ to him, however that could have resulted in severe sunburn.

Day four working on the farm. Cowboy told me I could choose one of his working dogs to accompany us on our adventure of tip trucking wire. I walked over to DogTown where there was a line up of kelpies chained to posts begging to be released. How was I to choose? They all desperately wanted to unleash their energy – to run ,to jump ,to play.

I let them all off.

Rusty, Jack and Sam. And boy were they happy for it!

Getting to know the working dog has been a new experience for me. Back home we have an overweight daschund for whom no luxury is spared. Complete from having her own “little bed,” a massive yard that she guards and full access to food including fruit , veggies, and meat. In fact, there are so many bones buried in our backyard I would not be surprised if we copped a haunting from the deceased cows and sheep that are resting in pieces.

The Working Dog does not have it so good.

Tied up to conserve energy for mustering sheep. Their physiques are athletic and streamlined for pelting around a farmyard.

We could learn a lot about working in the ‘right field’ from the sheep dog. They were definitely born to work with sheep. You can see the passion in their eyes when a flock of sheep is in eye shot. They live to chase the dim wooly creatures. They are definitely fulfilling their souls mission.

A lesson in Sheep

Photos: Taken by Cowboy

1. Me and the sheep stuck in the grid. Incredibly funny

2. One of Cowboy's pics of the sheepish creatures

Living in Sydney for eight years I was aware that my counterparts back home in the Country were experiencing a drought. To me, this was just a boring, ongoing news item and I had better things to worry about. Flash to day one ‘truck driving’ and first hand I was witnessing land that had been victim to the drought. Something I never thought would play any part in my life.

The land on the property is hard, flat and dry. Saltbush, flies interspersed with the odd skull of a deceased Ram were the sights I was taking in. The occasional gang of Emus did a mad dash past us in the truck, and evidence of snakes was rampant. The snakes obviously had not applied their SPS 30+ as their sometimes 5 ft long skins were seen amongst the tin and rubble on the property.

The views of the sky on the property are dramatic. On flat country you can see where the sky almost curves into the shape of the world. The clouds look like fluffy pillows, or perhaps like fluffy sheep – staying close to each other. The clouds flock together mirroring the sheep below.

In the distance I could see a sandy mound which reminded me of the Grand Canyon, but what was actually a dried up dam in the middle of the paddock.

This was the hangout for the heram of ewes all vying for the attention of daddy Ram. Chilling out by the dried out dam the sheep were happiest in company of each other. Sheep really have awoken me to the importance of being in company of likeminded souls. Their fear of being separated is something I had not witnessed before. “All for one and one for all,” is their motto.

Perhaps their wooly coat worked as reverse cycle air-conditioning. I hoped so. I could not help for feel for the wooly creatures in the arid dry land all day. The heat to me was unbearable. I hope that they are cool.

After asking Cowboy a heap of questions relating to Sheep including “Do you ever warm to one of them and want to keep them as a pet?” “ Do you feel sorry for them when you have to stick them on a truck,” and other animal activists type questions I was a little put back when he explained to me that sympathy was difficult for the creatures as they have no minds of their own and are frustratingly stupid.

Even so, I thought, isn’t that kind of cute?

My introduction to the lack of commonsense the sheep has was one I found quite humorous.

In between the paddocks on the farm there were grids. As we ventured towards a flock of sheep that required shifting into a different paddock I was in stitches to witness a sheep gridlock.

At least five sheep had attempted crossing paddocks themselves and had fallen down the grid.

Imprisoned in the grid the sheep helplessly, and cluelessly stood trapped in the grid.

Not learning from their trapped mates other sheep followed them to a similar destiny more and more falling into the trap.

Farmers De Facto and Domestic Goddess

Photos: Taken by the Cowboy

Staying out “On the Farm: during the day while Cowboy did whatever he did, I decided to try my hand at becoming a Domestic Goddess.

How very ‘country’. The Cowboy at work while I dusted, vacuumed, and perhaps cooked a batch of scones.

Hell, I was unemployed - unable to drive myself into town and this would be a bit of fun and a way to keep my mind occupied.

I began with the dishes. A simple task to switch the head into cleaning mode.

With the best of U2 pIaying full pelt on the stereo while I scrubbed away the remnants of Chicken Pad Thai from a plate . It made me nostalgic for that yummy dinner we enjoyed, hmm three weeks ago.

Cleansing the dishes felt strangely therapeutic. Perhaps metaphoric for cleansing of my own.

I started dreaming of turning Cowboy’s Bachelor Pad into an orderly homestead with a feminine touch. Flowers in a vase where the pile of cowboy hats once sat, a coffee table where the newspapers once piled… a lamp on the bedside table next to the freshly made bed, complete with hospital corners and folded down top sheet…. I was reminded of the guy from the Castle with his description “ This is not a house, it’s a home,” I wanted to create this little pad into a “farmstay” with a difference.

What a way to make the day fly. After scrubbing, mopping, doing load upon load of washing and reorganizing the bedroom to allow for better Feng Shui – I glanced at the time and it was nearing 5.30pm.

I quickly whipped up cruskits with avocado, swiss cheese, Spanish onion and ham and filled a glass with lime cordial ready for the return of the Cowboy. He arrived home sweaty and dirty from work to greet me post a hefty metamorphisis during the day from an unemployed snail barely peeping from my shell to a butterfly colourfully polishing the house.

I was very proud of my efforts and was excited to surprise the Cowboy with the transformation of his house and pleading with him to try lying on his bed now safely facing the window to allow a good flow of Chi.

I felt smug, and I could see the transformation pleased him. Perhaps this could be my life from now on, I thought, domestic goddess and writer out on a farm. I would not need any human contact during the day, I would be inspired by my environment and I would live to serve the Cowboy and write stories in between washing loads.

My fantasy was quickly taken from me. As Cowboy glanced around at the kitchen benchtops shimmering from Spray and Wipe he turned to me and said, “I’ve good news for you - I spoke to the Boss and he has lots of work you can do, starting tomorrow.”

I felt a lump form in my throat. It was not because I was upset that my days being filled with cleaning were about to disappear but because I knew “work” meant farm work.

Hey, I was born and bred in a country town but I’m a journalist, an indoor girl – a thinker, a writer… who is intimidated by a gear stick and finds opening gates around the property more of a challenge than if I were asked to attempt studying rocket science.

It was not “work’ that I was afraid of, it was a comfort zone thing. A questioning of my capabilities in the physical realm . My idea of work up until that moment was talking to people and writing in an air-conditioned office where my ideas and words held the key to increasing my bank balance.

Grateful that Cowboy had found work for me I tried not to let my fear show.

“Oh wow,” I said “Thank-you, what sort of work will I be doing?”

“There’s a fair bit, but you will start by driving the truck around the property and picking up bits of wire from old fences.”


All sorts of crazy thoughts ran through my head.

Challenge entry for BLOG THIS

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Baby boy laughing
Indian Cuisine
Dancing in the loungeroom
Cowboy at the washing machine
Listening to music
Funny messages from my friends
Going out for breakfast
Sunny outdoors - weekends
Flattering comments on my posts
endorphins from working out
being a party host with the most
when its not my turn to shout
When my hair just sits right
coffee brewed to perfection
When I get a full nights sleep
when I am thin enough to bare my mid section

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