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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Waiting for a rockstar - Part 3

Part Three

Part three: Starstruck in Excess
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I arrived at the pub with my notepad and made my way up the spiralling stairs.

 Note to self - do not consume much more, those stairs spiralled in a way that was non-conducive with drinking.

 Must not fall arse over head in front of JS.

I had entered a numb state where I was just not even allowing nerves to enter because they could cause my demise.

As I walked into the pub, I scanned the room but there were no rockstars within it.

Just a couple of hardcore Metallica fans playing pool to the sounds of Enter Sandman.

I made my way to the bar, I remember at this moment an air of arrogance briefly swept over me, notepad in hand thinking 'i wonder if they realise who I am meeting with here today".

In my mind at this moment I could have been meeting with Michael Jackson (RIP), the sense of who I was meeting was completely inflated - but all the same an air of arrogance, whether warranted or not, was a step up from the cannot breathe, talk or think of a question gal I had been only 2 or 3 vodkas earlier.

So, I ordered a non-alcoholic beverage and sat down with my little dictaphone and notepad, and just... well... waited for Jon Stevens to arrive.

I stared at the door, he was already 15 minutes late.

Late is never good because it invites all sorts of over-analysis.

'How should I sit, what should I do when he walks in' you know the drill.

A little while later figures appeared at the door, I adjusted my hair.

It was two cool looking guys.

They looked over at me and seemed to be coming my way.

"Are you Sharni?" the tall one asked.

"Yes" I replied.

"I'm Simon - and this is Geoff, we are in the band with Jon Stevens."

Oh what the hell?

It wasn't one on one, I was interviewing his entire band?

Just when I was getting more comfortable with the idea of having a chat with Jon, these two intimidatingly cool guys joined me at the table.

Luckily, they were  very easy to talk to down to Earth guys and they had no worries chatting with me about themselves and Jon -

I told them it was my first ever interview and they were kind and reassured me that Jon would be easy-going and 'cool.'

Just then our conversation was cut short.

A loud kiwi voice echoed from the stairwell.

A bright sunbeam cut through the doorway

Then he appeared.

A gleaming figure in white, with huge aviator rockstar sunglasses and a mobile phone attached to his ear ...


  1. Patience is certainly not one of my virtues....

  2. Yeah, he's a spunk. Damn those kiwis.

  3. oh oh I want more!!

    I saw Jon Stevens when he played Judas at Jesus Christ Superstar. I'll never forget him wiggling his butt straight in front of me (had front row seats) and my friends had to hold me back from reaching out and grabbing. *sigh*

    Can't wait to hear what happened next!!


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