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I am a full-time mama with a passion for writing and talking to fascinating people. I live in a one horse town with a Cowboy and my son. Thank Lord for cyberspace! I lived a colourful life in Sydney for a number of years. Working in advertising and journalism for FPC and the Sydney Morning Herald. During my time in Sydney I competed in a Dragon Boat race, choreographed a dragshow, used the Share Accomodation advertisements as a way to meet men and was told by Noiseworks frontrunner Jon Stevens that I was a bitch! Then came the decision to move back to country for 3 months to help out my Father with newspaper business while he was having treatment. Convinced I was a city girl I was caught by surprise when I fell in love with a farmer (and no, he didn't want a wife... still doesn't it seems!) convinced him that we needed to see the world, popped off to Vietnam to teach english in Saigon - before realising that the "food" in Nam didn't agree with me... turned out to be Monte - my son who is now with the Cowboy and I back in country NSW! I am in a wonderful stage of my life where I am focusing on the things that really make me tick. Including writing these chronicles.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Guest Post: One way to the OHT

Today I have asked house guest, and brother of Cowboy's - to take the wheel as my Guest Blogger.
As his first visit to the OHT I asked him to write about his impressions of the town, the Prince, and the Cowboy.
It wasn't until he wrote this piece that I realised what a strange room our laundry is, nor just how mystical I appear to be! 

One Way to the OHT - An Odyssey - 
By the Cowboy's Bro 

It started early on Christmas Morning.
I jumped in my car to make my way from my home in the  Black Soiled Plains to the One Horse Town via The Thumping Ground. 

(towns renamed to protect the innocent) 

 Driving 870km through rain, fog and sunshine I arrived on shaky legs just in time to hang out with the Hill Clan of my family in the Thumping Ground.

I spent 3 days doing my best to tire out the niece, nephew and my Dad.

I won!

Through a fierce combination of battling redfin in Mannus Lake and unleashing the fury in battles in the backyard victory was mine.

It was now time for the journey onto the One Horse Town to find out if Sharnia was pulling my leg.

175km of flat nothingness greeted me for the run into the OHT.

I expected to find dust blowing down the main street with the odd tumbleweed rolling along sedately.

I expected to find Tobacco chewing loafers  porch sitting and eyeballing the new arrival.

Surprisingly this was not the case.

After safely negotiating the main street gridlock I made my way through the suburbs of the OHT to find the  location of the mystic Sharnia.

In a small, newly renovated house she resides with a Cowboy and a Prince.

Odd companions for a mystic.

        The Prince took instantly to his Uncle Paul, as did Sharnia especially 
at the prospect of a live in nanny... ahahahahahah

But, whatever floats your kayak....

The renovations have worked wonders...
but it is the laundry that captured my attention.

It has a tardis like ability to hold an endless supply of everything you happen to be looking for.

"Where is the cheese grater?" I asked the Mystic.

"Oh, its in the laundry" She answered as though the most obvious place in the world.

I later found the laundry housed other miscellaneous items including a notepad, sticky tape and dog food.

(* note from Sharnia - we have just had renovations so all the stuff that wasn't good enough for our newly deluxe kitchen - went to the laundry, I didn't think this was so strange...)

The Cowboy's sheep dogs roam free on the green lawn.

The Prince is fascinated by buttons on the DVD, stove and dishwasher.

On NYE the Prince was sent to his grandparents and we ventured into the bustling nightlife of the OHT.
We were lucky to get in for the crowd.

The local band was playing to an attentive audience of one.

Obviously anticipating a riot the club was serving drinks in plastic cups.

Fortunately said riot did not occur.

The Mystic Sharnia, nor her friend Paula were not impressed by the cardboard vintage white wine claiming

"This is not Peter Lehman Daaarling!"

After clubbing on until the wee hours we fought our way through the hoards to stroll back to the Nirvana that is the Mystic's residence.

The Hill clan from the Thumping Ground arrived the following afternoon to enjoy the Prince performing his new ability to walk.

Once autographs were signed the Prince demonstrated his inability to sleep and proceded to scream the house down.

As the Cowboy and the Mystic were taken up with Princely duties. I took over the BBQ.

The Cowboy proclaimed my effort was "OK" but 'he can do better'

An invalidated claim at this stage.

.Who knows what other wonders exist in the OHT?

The odyssey continues....

Paul left the OHT today enroute to a town with a couple more horses. 

It was a pleasure to have him in our mystical residence - he sure charmed the Prince and my neighbours!


  1. Wow! sounds like there is more nightlife in OHT than in my urban neck of the woods. I'm impressed by Paul's search for the cheese grater - (did he actually grate the cheese?) and the manly way he took over the BBQ *sigh* that gets me every time :)

  2. I have a theory - even if the cheese grater was in the kitchen, Paul would not have been able to find it. He's a man, he will not be able to find anything. All the men in my life need help finding anything in the house. So therefore, it doesn't actually matter what room anything is in.

    Anyway, sounds like you guys had a great time!

  3. lol - reminds me of a list of "Do Not's" a friend of mine provided hubby when GG first came home from hospital... "Thou shalt not walk into thine own kitchen and wonder out loud where anything is kept." Best. Advice. Ever. (Apart from thou shalt not refer to looking after thine own offspring as "babysitting").

  4. Sounds like adventurous times all round. But what's with the leis you and Paula are wearing?? Just feeling festive?

  5. Love the photo of you & Paula. Did Paul vet the photos before you posted them? Because that one of him by himself is not very flattering!(:

  6. Edwina, it was NYE in a one horse town. They pulled the leis out at the club we were at (please note club = RSL club, not night club hahaha)

    Helen - No, Paul did not get to approve any of this haha... the one of Paula and I is so not flattering either, but in the context I had to use it :-)


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