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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dude this is so you in like 100 years

That was the subject line in an email I received from my friend Leanne this morning.

Story below:

ps - not sure where Leanne found this story but am finding out..
Believed to have been the world's oldest blogger, australian woman Olive Riley began her blog The Life of Riley in February 2007 at the age of 107 and made her final post on 26 June 2008 from a nursing home in Woy Woy, New South Wales, complaining of a cough about two weeks before she died at the age of 108. She had posted over 70 entries, as well as several video posts on YouTube. Her blog (or "blob" as she called it) was inspired by her experience with documentary filmmaker Michael Rubbo who, in 2005, made a documentary about her titled All About Olive.

I hope it is me in 100 years (if I crack 130?! haha)
What an inspiration - she is my hero!
I will be sure to have a look at her blob.


  1. Sharnia! This is adorable. I hope that's me also. See you on SheWrites.
    Princess Ayo

  2. Wow what a legend! I can't even post a video to You Tube!

  3. Oh that's cool! (but the link to her blog isn't found any more? well, the blogspot one anyway) :(

  4. I checked out her BLOB...it's cool. I think blob is a better word for it than blog...you sort of feel like a blob after being on the computer. Maybe we should think about changing it to the BLOBOSPHERE...that would be more appropriate, dontcha think. Olive was on to something!

  5. sorry link to her blog doesn't work....

  6. I am not sure that I really want to be around at 107. Whew! That is old. But, I will continue to pound out my "blobs" until I kick it too!

  7. awwww! Bless her! What an exceptional lady.

  8. Aww I wish I saw her blog!

    What an exceptional lady!

  9. De-lurking for the first time on your Blog (though long-time secret lurker!)cos that is just so beautiful!
    I love hearing about inspirational people like this, coming from a family of sit-on-a-couch-&-just-moan-&-bitch-at-people-til-the-day-I-die people, those who make the most out of every day of their life like this Nanna just make my heart soar!
    Great post, will be sure to check out the link.


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