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Monday, November 9, 2009

Fashion Freak Out

Further to my bold statement last night that I was going to compete in Fashions on the Field at the OHT Races - I have completely freaked out!!!!

I have about 2 weeks, less, to get organised.

I need to get the outfit on a budget too and only have limited shops to look in.

There are no fashion houses here.

We are going away shopping on Friday - though fun, I am scared now.

Scared of committing and now trying to back-pedal but knowing I can't.

Oh and did I mention I currently have orange hair. Tried to go from brown to blonde again.

Getting it fixed tomorrow


I have just been googling like crazy to see what the fashion vibe was at the Spring Racing Carnival and trying to put together an image in my mind of what I want.

It has only confused me more!

I just want simple.

I am thinking just a cheap simple dress, spend the money on the shoes, if I have to - but get a stunning pair of shoes to go with a simple dress....

Get a head thing from ebay or something - although I don't have time to bid and receive it in time!!!!!

I'd make one myself but practical matters and me are a disaster.

Oh dear - see, there is added pressure when you live in the OHT - we are only going to Griffith shopping which is hardly Westfield Bondi - so am quite limited in my choices.

This is a test of my flair.

I hope I can come up with something.

What looks do you like?


God knows why I have committed to such a thing. I need to be constantly challenged I tell you.

Is there a fashionista who can help a sista?


  1. I want to comment... but I know less than nothing about fashion.

    You need to learn to sew in time for next year's I reckon... HOBBY!

  2. Ha ha, what goes with orange?......Nude (beige) is my favourite look right now (with a tan), show legs or boobs not both, grab a great pair of nude pumps (thongs in the handbag for when your feet are killing you after a few beverages.

    Get a hat if you're going to be in the sun, wear a fascinator if you're in a tent.

    Have fun!

  3. Go to thesatorialist.blogspot.com for inspiration!
    He just makes you feel better about clothes in general.

    Or GoFugYourself - for what NOT to wear.

    Or Etsy - for handmade stuff.

  4. Check out the thrift stores, especially in "rich" towns. You'd be amazed at what you can get for $10.


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