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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fashionistas: Do you read me?

I am going to do something that I never would have done in my previous life due to: a) thinking it was pretentious, b) being too drunk and c) thinking it was too pretentious
d) I still do (think it has elements of pretense) - but my reasons are not.

Drum roll please................

I am going to compete in Fashions on the Field in the One Horse Town Races * on the 21st November.


I have written it on my blog.

Does that mean I really have to now????????

As part of my blogging and life adventure - I have a series of goals I want to achieve.

My strategy is to recruit the expertise of those who already have what I want and basically pick their brains for the good of myself .....

and humanity.

It has been fantastic so far- I have met authors, fitness buffs people who live 'simply' and parent consciously - but I have a question for you all.

Where are all the fashionistas

and why do they ignore me?

I targeted a heap of Fashionista Blogs looking for the fashionista who was up for my challenge.

Apparently she fails to exist!

Or is she too cool for me and my One-Horse Race Town?

This is what I had asked:

To enrol the help of a fashionista who is up on current trends
( I have been on pause since 2007)
to suggest outfit to flatter my figure, compliment my personality and.... well..... get me to WIN Fashions on the Field at our local race day!!!!
(oh and to help me achieve this on a budget)

was it too much to ask?

Let me explain why suddenly I want to do something that I previously deemed 'not for me.'

I have been daydreaming about having the Races as my "Coming Out Party"

not to announce that I bat for the other team

but to say: "I am Mother watch me strut around on heels I haven't worn in two years !"

Yes, it has been two whole years of living like a hermit.

In my prior life I was the anti-Christ of Hermits.

I have done very well as a Mama - and I want to celebrate in style - and I want to look the goods.

Other reasons for this:

1. When I was pregnant my once dainty feet that graced many a stiletto were possessed by the Elephant Man.
My feet are dainty again but the only shoes I have are Cowboy's Hang 10 thongs.

2. I used to have an outfit for every mood of my day and I went through a strange purge after having baby and threw out most of my clothes.
Hormonal? Probably.
Now I don't have any and would love a fantastic ensemble.

3. I have worked my butt off with a personal trainer against every fibre of my being. I am fitter than I have ever been even and I deserve a new outfit damn it.

So OK - there is no-one to guide me - the fashionistas have better things to do than email me -

i think it is actually a blessing

I can do this on my own.

Don't need you fashionistas - who needs latest trends anyway - I am going to wear something that expresses me - and who better to choose it than me???


The races are on the 21st of November.


This weekend we are going away shopping.

I will let you know what I come up with...... kill me now if it is anything like the pictured hat

I will blog about the whole adventure and you can laugh at me as I get beaten on the day by a 50 year old damsel.

* I should point out there will be more than one horse at our race day. Otherwise I'd put $1 million dollars each way on it.

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  1. Excellent idea. Remember no sequins, never a good look on race day fashionistas. Good luck with outfit. If its wet (probably not much chance of that) cowboy boots are a great option and look great and practical. Lauren Bush wore them to Scone Races and looked fantastic. Might not win fasions on field though. Good Luck


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