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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

part four : how very rock n roll

previous chapter of Starstruck In Excess go here  and it will lead you to the start...

So many phone interruputions later - I interviewed him - and it was pretty non-eventful actually.

What did you expect?


Well the interview itself was pretty uneventful, I asked him questions about the Noiseworks days, I asked him about when Michael Hutchence died and he took over as the lead singer of INXS as a while, I asked him about his current album and what he was up to these days, I asked him what inspired him, who inspired him - and what the future held.

He was OK to interview, I found once I complimented him - he was a little easier to talk with.

Aren't we all?

So after the interview, his manager came over.

He was lovely.

He invited me over to Triple M radio studios where Jon was to be interviewed and then would perform on the roof of the studios.

By now it was about 1pm - and thoughts started to drift back to... work.

My boss must have been starting to get suspicious.

Really, I should do the responsible thing now and go back to work.

By now you should know what kind of a character I am.

Work? Triple M studios with Jon Stevens and band?

Work? Triple M Studios with Jon Stevens and band?

Yep, another drink later - I joined Jon and the band and headed over the road to.... Triple M studios.

It was here I was in the 'studio' where I zipped my lip - but was present for his on air interview.

Jon then did a live acoustic version of his song "Touch"

You know the one "reach out and..reach out and... reach out and touch somebody"

I must admit, the arrogance and phone interruptions of earlier dissolved quicker than you could say "leather pants" and I found standing in that studio live to this awesome voice - gave me goosebumps and a tear in my eye.

Jon even looked over at me while he was singing it and smiled - this was a magic moment and I felt, my reward for the gruelling 24 hours I had just sat through.

We then headed up to the rooftops of Triple M  where other media types were hanging and drinks and food ahoy.

Oh good God.

Surely I shouldn't indulge in another bevvie?

Oh what the heck.

So a couple of wines later - I am then witnessing Jon and his band playing live on the roof overlooking the Sydney CBD.

It was about now the guilts really kicked in and I made a sly and sudden exit, hailed a taxi and drunkenly headed back to work.

I was so excited about what had just gone down (and so borderline drunk)  the reality of what my boss might be thinking hadn't overwhelmed me yet.

When I looked at my watch and noticed it was nearly 5pm when the cab pulled up at the front of my work place and I realised I had pretty much skipped the entire day at work drinking and mixing it up with rockstars I felt a bit scared, bit naughty, but a whole lot rock'n' roll!!!

I was so excited about what had happened, I didn't really mind what went down when I got inside.

And guess what.

The funniest thing of all went down.

My boss was oblivious to it.

Good to see she missed me!! hahaha

She spoke to me about something or other and then announced (and this was MOST out of character for my straight laced boss)

"Guys, drinks over at the Shelbourne - my shout!"

So as soon as I returned to work from a DAY of drinking - what happened?

My whole advertising team got to go to the pub for some drinks on my boss - who didn't even notice how blind drunk I was after one drink she shouted me.

Oh the things I got away with.

So rock n roll

But my friends... the Jon Stevens story doesn't end there.... oh not by a long shot....


  1. Ha ha, way to go!

    Did you date him? Is this where it's going? TELL ME NOW!

  2. Another good story Sharni...You have done well with this. Really looking forward to the main interview.

  3. OMG, I love this saga....more, more!!! :)

  4. Didn't even notice you were GONE????


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