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Friday, February 12, 2010

Dirty Tickets sold Dirt Cheap

When I asked for a writing assignment recently, a couple of readers suggested I write a "Sliding Doors" moment. 

For those who haven't seen the said movie, a Sliding Doors moment is the "what would have happened if - "  moment. 

Where life would have gone if you had of missed an important train ride, knocked back a job offer, etc...

The movie shows the path that Gwyneth Paltrow's life went on when she missed a train, it also shows how her life went when she made it.

Doors slide many times a day - some more obvious than others.

Just as readers suggested I use this theme as inspiration for a blog post, my doors they... slid... and I missed the damn train.... 

Here is my story..

As regular readers would know, Cowboy and I have been looking forward to a getaway to Melbourne, our first outing as a couple since the birth of our son 14 months ago.

It was to attend the ACDC concert, Cowboy is a huge fan.

We ordered the tix online AGES ago - I realised a month or two ago that I didn't have them and we needed to get them resent. They were for the 16th of February, I was convinced.

So yesterday, yes , yesterday (nothing like a looming deadline to spring us into action) I asked Cowboy to ring Ticketmaster and get them to resend it.

So he does, and he gives them his credit card details and they find our tickets.

Which he discovers are for the concert LAST NIGHT!!!

Our little old One Horse Town is approximately 4 and a half hours drive to Melbourne and we found out our tickets were for the concert that started in... hmmm 2 hours.


Long story short after heavy campaigning on twitter, facebook and the phone (lucky I am the queen of distress sales thanks to 10 years selling advertising) I closed the deal and quarter to six -- sold two tix for $200 that we had bought for $350.


It pleases me to present to you the Sharni & Cowboy's that are currently co-existing.

The version that was smart and made it to Melbourne and the concert... and .. of course, the other version.

Melbourne Version:

"THAT was the most brilliant night of my life" Cowboy says to Sharni as he gazes lovingly into her eyes.
"Thank-you SO much for thinking to get these tickets - you are so thoughtful."

"No problems!! Hey, I didn't think I would enjoy it - but that was AMAZING" an elated Sharni says.

She has been so overcome by the noise and the adrenalin of the ACDC concert she has temporarily forgotten she is a Mama and has reverted to her old ways, crowd surfing, moshing - singing - laughing - having a ball!

As the pair high on life leave the packed stadium they hail a cab and head into the city which is absolutely pumping.

The air is electric - thunderstorm cracks around Melbourne and it seems like it has been set up by the band themselves.

Melbourne is completely thunderstruck - and the loved up pair from a One Horse Town just know they are going to have the most brilliant night of their lives.

They head next to...

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch...

"Can you grab me a nappy?" An exasperated Sharni says to Cowboy while trying to hold down Monte flipping like a fish out of water.
Cowboy has the remote control in his hand -
"QUICK" Sharni says.
He throws her a nappy.
She changes it.
Cowboy changes the channel.
Sharni writes a blog post.
She goes to bed.


So you know me, I am not a believer in grumping on and on about this error. I do believe things happen as they should and for some reason, we were not meant to go to that concert, or Melbourne right now.
I just can't wait until the Universe reveals the reason by giving us an even better opportunity in the next couple of days............ as I sit here waiting.................... I think back to those tickets I sold on the last minute.

At least they went to two hardcore ACDC fans.

They have got to be happy with that.

Because they were done dirt cheap.


  1. Awesome post Sharni! And for the record, you would have totally been an ACDC convert! Not that I went... but I did grow up listening to Dad's vinyl copy of TNT.

    Glad you went down that track... made for a very entertaining read - champagne in one hand.

    The universe works in mysterious ways (as we both are well aware)... I'd love to know the counter response.

  2. Oh no Sharni - that's a real shocker. I'm sure you will be enlightened soon as to the reason for this terrible calamity.

  3. Great post and a good way to look at a spot of bad luck. Yes I think the sliding doors will bring something nice your way.

  4. The "what if" moments are the story of my life...
    Sharni, please do come and visit my blog, as there is something waiting for you there...

  5. Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Great "Sliding Doors" moments; I know it's difficult to let those missed opportunities go by but as you said, if you can put it into perspective that there was a grander reason, it helps to quell the sting a bit. I have found myself in positions where I am confounded by things that get in the way and hold me up from a planned something that I just have to get to, and then when on my way, or if I miss it, I find out later that I have averted some terrible accident by my lateness or a catastrophe by my missing something. You just never know.


  7. OMG, what luck! Not cool, not cool at all. I have to say though, I really like how you've written this piece. Love, love your blog as always woman!

  8. What a cool post. Shame about the concert, but it's not the end of the world!

  9. Oh no! We're going this week - I'll let you know if you actually missed out on anything!


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