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Thursday, September 17, 2009

When We Fight

I have taken the inspiration for the title of my piece from Girl gone Child (who is the most hilarious & honest writer!! I am addicted)

When we fight - my thoughts start racing and I gesticulate a lot more than I usually do. When we fight he goes silent and it makes me invent his thoughts and speak them outloud.
He says "You don't know what I am thinking"
I say "Well you don't tell me so I have to try and guess"
This infuriates him.
I am convinced that his thoughts that I am now creating are exactly what he is thinking and I get angry at them.
Am I really having an argument with myself?
Could it really be what he is thinking?
Or is he just thinking ....
ah here I go again.
When we fight I become obsessed with what he is thinking.
Some things he keeps to himself. Or he tells me as much as he wants to disclose.
It infuriates me.
I end up apologising for trying to put thoughts into his head and then out of his mouth.
I explain to him how important they are
I think I would love how he thinks if I knew what he thought and I think when we fight my thinking becomes irrational and negative and I should not assume his positive, kind head would produce such thoughts.
I think that is what I think.
When we fight I do a lot of the talking
When we fight we roll away from each other in bed and I lie there praying he will roll over and cuddle me.
I usually end up doing it.
Then we discuss how we don't like fighting.
And he tells me what he thinks.

What do you think? Had enough of the word think? Thought so
What do you do when you fight?

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  1. So true!
    I think I over- think about what he is thinking.
    Awwww Jeez, this is like, right out of my head.
    PS- blog is starting to look awesome!


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