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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ever since my mystical earring encounter of a couple of days ago, I have started thinking about other encounters from my life that have freaked me out and I have been unable to explain.

So welcome to Part Two of Sharnia's Mystic Files do do do do do do do do (that was the Twilight Zone theme, obviously)

Let me tell you I have had a few.

Mystical, unexplained things.... that make me wonder if my Aquarian / Pisces cuspy thing that is always telling me I have psychic abilities has something to it.

I usually just joke this away to my friends, writing these things of as freaky coincidences , but deep deep down many times, I do feel like I am conscious of more than meets the eye.

Not enough for you to start calling me Medusa, but enough.

One that has stayed with me surrounded a very sad incident when I was about 14.

My best friend at the time was having a sleep over at my house.

And as you do at 14 you stay up all night laughing and talking.

It must have been about 2am when our conversation changed to how we would feel if we lost one of our parents.

We were talking about how horrific it would be and how we wouldn't be able to cope.

Luckily, we both had healthy parents, we had said.

At the moment that we spoke of this, in my bedroom far away from any roads and in the dark of the night - my bedroom lit up for a split second.

It was like a flash going off in a camera.

It was not my imagination.

My best friend saw it too.

We fell silent.

Then broke out into "What the hell was that?" "Oh my God!"

We both ran to the window and looked out.

It was a dark, dark night - it was silent, the moon was no-where to be seen - but in that second my bedroom lit up and just as quickly went dark again.

"It was a sign!" we joked.

We joked ourselves terrified and both jumped under the doona and hid - freaking each other out.

A couple of days later my friend and I played netball in our weekly competition.

After the game we hung out at the park and we were sitting on the swings.

We noticed a kombie van turn up and some tourists had arrived.

One guy got out and wandered very close to us.

He was wearing a cap.

We both noticed that his cap had something written on it.

It was a black cap with the words "Suicide" on it.

As he walked off my best friend and I looked at each other in shock.

"Who on Earth would buy a hat with THAT written on it?" my friend said

"Who on Earth would MAKE a hat with that on it?"

This bothered us for some time. It was the strangest hat on a strange looking person.

We hung out a bit longer, said our goodbyes and went home.

The next day at school during English class I noticed the police wandering around outside.

I could see people outside hugging and crying.

There was a knock on our classroom door.

My best friend was asked to leave the classroom.

We later found out that her father was found dead.

He commited suicide.

A sad, shocking time followed and I will never forget it as long as I live. It was a pivotal emotional point in my life, being there for my friend in such a harrowing time.

No-one saw this coming.

Should we have? Were we warned? 
I promise from the depths of my heart this happened, as unbelievable as it sounds. 
Love to hear your stories of signs you feel you have received, or spooky unexplainable events.


  1. I've had those moments... Once, while on a country trip for work with one of my best mates, we sat up late into the night talking. The subject turned to her cousin who was good friends with the hottest guy at our school (we were a couple of years out). We'd never spoken about him and had completely forgotten he'd existed. When we started talking about him we both got the chills and sweats and thought it was really odd. We woke up to discover that he'd died of a heroin overdose that night.

    I also dreamt vividly, on more than one occasion, that an ex had cheated on me. He was on a swing in a park and the girl had long dark hair. The next day, he asked why I was acting so weird. I told him about the dream. He started crying and told me he had - on a swing in a park with a girl with long dark hair. Bizarre!

  2. Ooh, love twilight zone stories. Here's mine:

    This happened years and years ago, before my husband and I had the kids. Anyway we were living in a very small apartment where the kitchen was a shared one. I wanted to drink some tea one night. We only had the old fashioned kettle back then. So I put some water on the kettle and placed it into the electric stove on HIGH heat. I left the kettle on and went back to our room. Because I can be a total scatterbrain sometimes. I have completely forgotten about the kettle and decided to call it a night and hit the sack. Told you "scatterbrain."

    So lights turned off, started to drift off to dreamland and out of the blue. The most bizarre thing happened. We started heart buzzing sound inside our room. WTF? was that I grumpily asked my husband. So he got up and turned on the lights and I swear to God Sharni, there were like 10,000 moths flying inside the room. Where the hell did they come from? I honestly have no idea. And were they not supposed to be attracted to lights in the first place?

    So we had no choice but to open the door and let them all out. I went to the kitchen to get some water and f*ck the kettle has run out of water and the stove oh my god a fire could have broken out all because of me and my forgetfulness.

    Thank God those moths for mysteriously appeared in our bedroom. I dunno where and how they for inside our room. But I am forever thankful they were there.

    Shit I got goosebumps now. Sorry for taking up so much space.

  3. Thats really scary.

    I sometimes feel a little psychic. Sometimes i can just know when things are going to happen in the future... Like friends future relationships, life changing things... Sometimes i believe it and tell them, sometimes i dont want to think about it so ignore it. Its a strange feeling.

  4. Sorry for the errors Sharni. Typed the whole thing on my iPhone. And can't preview properly. Nor edit properly. Hehehe.

  5. I believe we are all born with more perception/psychic ability than we realise, but as we grow up, disconnected adults tell us to "stop being ridiculous" and we train ourselves not to use it. Some people have more ability than others, same as sporting prowess, writing ability etc., and some just never stop using theirs.

  6. Hi Sharni, it must have been scary and heartbreaking for you and your friend.

    I've 'known' things without knowing how I could possibly know them but dismissed them as an over active imagination.

    One thing that sticks in my mind is when my Mum was terminally ill and in a coma. I was by her bedside for most of the time but for a moment I went to the balcony for some air.

    As I was looking out I thought I saw my Mum well and happy, wearing her favourite leopard print skirt. She looked up at me and smiled. I was very shocked and thought my mind was playing games with me, as my mum was in bed very much not ok.

    I went back inside to tell my Aunt who was by my Mum's bedside and I stopped in my tracks, as my Aunt told me to say goodbye as she felt she was leaving us.

    She died minutes later.

  7. Interpreting the symbolism of consciousness is an area I have studied and worked in for some time; even scientific discovery into genomes, DNA, brain chemistry and activity is uncovering all kinds of areas that still carry a lot of mystery to them but there is evidence they exist.


  8. Hi Sharni, found you from Brenda's blog. Interesting story about your friend's dad. Very sad. I had a number of psychic-tpye experiences, mostly when I was younger. I think I am too busy and scattered now, too disconnected, to tune into what's going on around me. My mom died of cancer when I was in college and I remember after her service we had everyone over to the house. I took her car to go to the store to buy some rolls for the guests and just remember feeling very overwhelmed emotionally. As I was driving I felt my mom's presence in the car, as if she was suddenly there, and I also felt her telling me that everything was going to be okay. It's difficult to describe the experience, but it was very real to me. It didn't last long, she was there and then she was gone. But I've always been grateful for it. - Kristin


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